Teks Narasi bertujuan untuk menghibur  yaitu menambah minat pembaca dalam sebuah cerita.
Karakteristik sebuah teks Narasi :

1. Orientation (orientasi) orientasi adalah paragraf pembuka di mana karakter, tempat, waktu (jika mungkin) dari cerita diperkenalkan. contoh: Once upon a time little Mantu lived in village deep in the jungle where elephants helped the men with their work.

2. Complication (komplikasi) Mana masalah dalam cerita dikembangkan (dari bagaimana masalah timbul hingga klimaks) contoh: Now, Mantu had an elephant of his very own. his name was Opie.
3. Resolution (resolusi) Mana masalah dalam cerita ini diselesaikan (anti klimaks). contoh: Mantu then climbed upon his little friend's back and went home to the village.

Contoh narrative text sebagai berikut :

Long time ago in little village there was a big palace bigger than the village itself and in the palace lived a king. The king wanted to be rich.
        Now one day the king promised one of his gardeners three million gold coins if could grow a tree all years, which bore rich golden fruit. The gardener search all over the countryside but he could not find the right seed to grow a tree, which would bear golden fruit.
        So at last, he went so see the wise owl who lived deep in the forest and knew all about many things. The wise old owl told him what to do and where to go to get the  seed right seed to plant. The gardener went exactly he was told. He planted the seed and gave it some water, some fertilizer and he waited. Suddenly the tree sprang up so quickly that it made the gardener jump.
        The gardener watched as the tree began to bear rich golden fruit. He ran back to the palace and took the king to see the tree. When the king had stood there for a long time, staring at it open mouthed, the gardener asked for his three million coins. So the king agreed to the request and the gardener took his money, went home, and lived happily ever after.

Long time ago, there lived a poor widow in west Sumatra, her name was Mande Rubiah. She lived with her son. His name was malin kundang. She loved her son very much.
            When Malin Kundang was fifteen years old, he worked as a porter on a merchant ship. He had been abroad many years but he did not send any news to his mother. His mother missed him.
The Captian of the ship liked him because he worked very hard. When he was older the captian asked him to marry his daughter. He worked even more successfully so that when the captian died he got all of the captian’s wealth and he also become too proud and arrogant because of his wealth.
One day Malin Kundang ship dropped anchor at the Batingau Harbour. Then his mother, who had been waiting  for years heard about this. She went to the ship to see her beloved son. But what happened? Malin Kundang did not want to admit that  Mande Rubiah was his mother. He knew it but he was too arrogant to do it. He did not want his beautiful wife to see the woman coming to him was his mother. He even scolded her and asked his guards to send her away.
His mother was very sad. She sorrowfully knelt down to pray to God, “Oh, God, I know he is my son. But why has he turned so wicked? Please, God don’t let this wickedness continue. Punish him as you wish!”
Then when the ship sailed, suddenly, the sky turned dark, and a strong wind blew the ship violently. Malin Kundang and all of his guards were drowned and the ship was upside down and turned into stone.
Now,when we go to the beach near Padang, we can see a rock, which looks like a ship. People say that it was Malin Kundang’s ship.

Semoga teks diatas bermanfaat bagi semuanya. . . .

Meta Descriptions :
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